VBSR Terry Ehrich Award for Lifetime Achievement
Named in honor of late VBSR Board member Terry Ehrich, this award is given to a person exemplifying Terry's outstanding leadership,
including sustained commitment to the environment, workplace, progressive public policy, and community. 
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Curtiss Reed, Jr. (he/him)
President of CRJ Consulting Group, L3C
Executive Director, Vermont Partnership for Fairness & Diversity

Curtiss Reed, Jr. has spent his life advancing structural change in public and private institutions to recognize, value, nurture, and apply social justice principles throughout their organizations.


His journey began as a child in St. Louis fighting Jim Crow racism followed by two decades of social and economic justice work in international arenas. For the past two decades his work has focused on where Vermont’s economic development intersects with inclusion and equity.


He has a reputation of being humble, gracious, compassionate, and skilful in the use of inquiry as a subversive activity. Inclusion and equity have become both the means and the end in his practice of applied social justice. His body of work has produced substantial changes in Vermont law enforcement, education, commerce, and human services delivery as well as state and municipal government use of inclusive and equitable practices in Vermont’s increasingly diverse cultural landscape.


Curtiss has been a resident of Brattleboro since 1979 and recipient of honorary doctorates from the SIT Graduate Institute (2015) and Middlebury College (2019) and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NAACP (2019).

VBSR Innovation & Inspiration Award 
This award recognizes VBSR member organizations who have accomplished a recent innovative and/or inspirational achievement
in the areas of Planet (Environmental Impact), People (Social Impact), and Prosperity (Economic Impact).

Mamava is dedicated to transforming the culture of breastfeeding. The category creator of freestanding lactation pods, Mamava provides breastfeeding parents with private, dignified, and comfortable spaces to pump or nurse – at work and on the go. The free Mamava locator app helps breastfeeding parents find thousands of (Mamava-vetted) lactation places on the go and unlock Mamava pods.

Women-founded and a proud B Corp, Mamava designs, engineers, and assembles lactation pods in the USA.

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Flexible Capital Fund, L3C

The Flexible Capital Fund, L3C (Flex Fund) provides patient risk capital to growing companies in Vermont and New England’s food systems, forest products, and climate technology sectors.  

These companies are the ones who are creating healthy local foods, preserving working lands and addressing climate change through sustainable products and services and equitable workplaces.  As a small impact investment fund, and Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), the Flex Fund uses an integrated capital approach offering revenue-based financing, subordinated debt with revenue upside, self-liquidating equity instruments and convertible debt. 

The Flex Fund’s goal is to offer the right match of capital for a company’s stage of growth, scale they want to grow to, and market they sell into. They combine financial capital with human capital and advisory capacity to help their portfolio companies grow and stay in Vermont and New England – and are true partners in their success (or failure), believing that investment capital placed with mission-aligned companies, and accompanied with advisory capacity, is critical to moving our region to a more just and sustainable economy.


The Flex Fund is a women-led and run intermediary and was named among the 25 Transformative Funds of 2021.

VBSR Young Changemaker Award
This award recognizes an individual under age 40 who has led the formation of a socially responsible enterprise.
The awardee is selected based on their ability to use the power of business to advance innovative solutions to society’s challenges.
Emiliano Void (he/him)
nuwave Equity Corporation

Emiliano Void is the Founder and CEO of nuwave Equity Corporation giving leadership and oversight to all aspects of the organization’s activities. He is responsible for the coordination, development and implementation of systemic solutions centered around the dismantlement of anti-Black and systemic racism through profitable and innovative approaches.

His need to get involved in equity work came directly as a result of the continued highly publicized racial injustices that Black people face today. Unable to stay on the sidelines, he was spurred into action and decided to try to affect change in any possible way across his sphere of influence. He joined community groups, started community-based initiatives, led a Black focused employee resource group in his workplace as well as an industry wide initiative to dismantle systemic racism.

Through nuwave he aspires to drive real, actionable, and sustainable change that creates more opportunities for Black and systemically excluded people, bring awareness and conversation to a problem that is long overdue for a solution, and help organizations understand the profitability in equity.

Emiliano grew up in Montreal, Canada and has lived in the US for the past 11 years splitting time between the two countries.